Is It Easy To DIY Install A Garage Door?

Many manufacturers of doors for garages offer an installation service which many people would rather go with. The idea of fumbling with a heavy metal door isn't everybody's idea of an interesting weekend. However, for those who are adept at using their hands, this is one of those projects you can consider taking on. However, it's important to put safety above everything else. There are different types of doors for garages, and professional garage door installation is the the best option for some. 

Torsion Springs Vs. Extension Springs

Most garage doors either use torsions springs or extension springs. Those that use torsion springs are much more suited to DIY installation because they are safer. When torsion springs break, they may be loud but they will stay on the shaft. However, if an extension spring breaks, it can fly off through a garage or car window and potentially cause serious injury to someone. This danger is also present when trying to remove these springs when removing an old door that you want to replace.

However, there are still other reasons why torsion springs are becoming popular such as longer life spans and less wearing of the operator.

Tips for Easier DIY Installation

  • Choose a lighter door: A light garage door doesn't necessarily mean it's less secure. If you have a wood door at the moment, you may be surprised to discover a steel door is much lighter yet stronger. The added benefit is that the door will be easier to put in place during installation.

  • Have all the right tools ready: For this project, you'll need items such as a tensioning system, shims, garage door lubricant, a wrench, drill etc. Have the tools you need ready before you start working.

  • Replace the hardware: Putting in a new garage door also gives you a chance to also change some of the hardware. The hardware may have undergone significant deterioration over time even if it's not noticeable. Reusing these may cause you to repeat the job in a few months.

Improving Your Garage Door

Rather than settle for the same door, you can also make your garage door better and safer. Doors with a pinch-resistant design can save your fingers if they get caught. Safe automatic door openers can prevent the door from crashing someone or something underneath since they are designed to reverse automatically. You should also install the opener switch at a height where children won't be able to reach it with ease.

If you decide to go the professional help route, contact a business like Pro Overhead Door.