2 Reasons To Call A Garage Door Repair Service

Having a garage with an automatic garage door is a wonderful luxury. It gives you a safe place to park your car and is great for storage purposes. The automatic garage door is also an excellent feature because you can open and close it with the push of a button. However, there are certain circumstances when your garage door doesn't operate as it should. In these cases, it is a good idea to call a garage door repair service to come and fix it. Here are two reasons to call a garage door repair service. 

Your Sensors Are Not Working 

One excellent reason to call a garage door repair service is if your sensors are not working properly. The two major issues that you can run into with sensors is either they don't go off when they should or they go off too often. If your garage door closes on things, then you have a serious safety issue. The garage door could potentially close on your vehicle, an animal, or even a small child. If your sensors go off all of the time for no reason, then this can make it next to impossible to get your garage door to close. In either case, a professional can help to fix the issue. They will determine if your sensors are either broken or they are out of alignment. The professional can work to realign both of your sensors, replace any broken or missing parts, and otherwise get your sensors functioning and your garage door working as it should.

Your Door Comes Off The Track 

Your garage door opens and closes on a track and things go very smoothly when the garage door is properly attached. However, if the garage door comes off the track for one reason or another, this can cause some serious issues for you. When you go to open or close your garage, it will not move. The track will move up and down, but the garage door is stuck. This makes your garage itself impossible to get in and out of, and if you have a car inside, then it is stuck. Thankfully, a garage door repair service such as J & B Door can deal with this issue fairly quickly by getting your garage door back on the tracks so that it functions well once again. If there is a problem with one or both of the tracks, then replacements can be ordered to fix the issue as soon as possible.