Top 5 Ways To Change Your Garage Door's Appearance

When you are sprucing up your house, especially the exterior, the most obvious areas that receive attention are the driveway, exterior walls, and the garden or lawn, with little to no thought being spared for the garage door. This has a direct impact on the aesthetics and value of the property.

If you are currently residing on your property or have put it up for sale, changing or upgrading the appearance of your garage door can pay some good dividends. You would be surprised at what a transformative change to your property sprucing a garage door can bring. If it is up for sale, this same change can play a part in giving your property more curb appeal and adding to its value.

How to Give Your Garage Door a Facelift

1. Painting

Painting is possibly the simplest and most straightforward way you can have your garage door looking nice and spiffy. Consider a color that matches the wall or shutters for good effect, and this time, work with several coats of color. Color has a way of affecting mood, and your garage door could cause that effect on you every time you drive in or when a potential buyer comes for a show around.

2. Natural Light

Typical residential garage doors will rarely have a window, and as such, you have to light a bulb inside in order to see. Incorporating a window(s) can be a way of allowing natural light to flow in and give your garage door a really unique look.

3. Accessorize

Accessorizing a garage door sounds out of this world. But you would be pleasantly surprised after doing several coats of paints and adding a few accessories like a door handle, pot plants, and lamps; your house will look pretty different. If you get creative with the accessories, your garage door might just outshine every other part of your exterior.

4. Changing Doors

If the garage door is completely out of repair, it's best to replace it completely, giving some aesthetic thought to the next one that you want to replace it with. Consider custom making your next door.

5. Detail Your Blank Door

Although a blank garage door symbolizes simplicity, it won't add to your curb appeal. By adding, some lines, shapes, and some art to your door, you will take it from simple to appealing and even inviting.

Don't overlook your garage door, get residential garage door services to spruce it up, and let it add you to the aesthetic value of your home.