Caring For A Residential Garage Door

Residential garage doors are some of the most used types, as homeowners often open and close then several times per day. During the process of regularly operating a garage door, the parts can become worn and sometimes stop working properly. For instance, the rollers on the door can stop turning from rust accumulating, or begin turning too fast because screws are loose. You can actually end up in a situation where the door doesn't open at all if small problems are not resolved before becoming worse. This article provides a general overview of things you should know to keep your garage door in a working condition for many years to come.

Try to Prevent Metal Parts from Rusting

The most important metal parts of a garage door are the rollers and tracks. A garage door is basically useless when the rollers and tracks are in bad shape or missing altogether. You can help the metal parts stay functional by preventing large amounts of rust from accumulating on them. For instance, oil can be applied to the metal every now and then to make it difficult for them to become rusty. The oil is very useful if your region receives a lot of rain that gets on the garage door parts. A garage door repair company can apply the oil on your behalf, and they will know exactly where it should be placed.

Pay Attention to How the Motor Runs

Another part of a garage door that is important is the motor, unless you have the type that is operated manually. You must pay attention to how the motor operates so it won't go out when least expected and lead to the door not being able to move. The motor can begin making loud noises or become completely quiet when there is a problem to be concerned about. Get the motor inspected by a professional on occasion to find out if any maintenance is needed. A weak motor might need a repair or to be replaced before the problem gets worse.

Ensure That the Tracks Are Properly Aligned

The tracks are the metal strips that are along both sides of a garage door and attached to the walls. The tracks can become problematic for a few reasons such as from being improperly aligned. Check the alignment of the tracks every now and then in case you need to hire a professional to straighten them up. A garage door has to force itself up and down misaligned tracks, which can cause the rollers to wear out in an untimely manner.

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